Coreum Workshops

Dive deeper into Coreum's main modules and features. Start building.

Learn. Build. Execute.

These workshops are designed to give developers hands-on experience with programming end-to-end applications on the Coreum blockchain

Deploying Smart Tokens on Coreum

This was a hands-on, comprehensive guide for developers interested in blockchain and the use of Smart Token technology.

View the complete video to discover optimal ways to harness Smart Tokens and successfully implement your own deployment.

Become a part of the Coreum Developer Discord community to actively participate and tune in to regular developer-focused workshops held there.

Intro to WASM Smart Tokens

This workshop delivers a systematic overview of the development, deployment, and interaction processes of Smart Tokens on the Coreum Blockchain.

Participants gained first-hand experience in utilizing the #CosmWASM toolkit to construct and manipulate their own smart tokens.

IBC Smart Contracts

During this session, you'll have the opportunity to listen to the team as they delve deep into the topic of interoperability. Discussing various facets, including the seamless flow of transactions from smart contracts to IBC transfer modules.

Intro to Coreum-JS

This guide covers issuing, minting, and sending fungible tokens with precision. Coreum-JS, a specialized JavaScript library, simplifies this journey by breaking down complex processes.

Using CosmWasm Smart Contracts on Coreum

The workshop will be focused on the Coreum Playground, a specialized development environment designed for developers, providing a platform for interactive engagement with the Coreum blockchain and facilitating the deployment of CosmWasm smart contracts.In the CosmWasm Workshop, Alex will cover:

- Introduction to CosmWasm
- Introduction to the Coreum Playground
- Setting up your development environment

Hold USDC on Coreum

Master IBC Transfers, you will learn how to seamlessly bridge USDC from Noble and other assets to Coreum using the following tools:

- CCTP money
- TFM IBC Transfer
- Squid Router