Blockchain for Enterprise

Coreum introduces EGB Networks.

By building on Coreum, enterprises gain access to an ontology of modular features tailored to meet the needs of small and large enterprises.

Future-proof your organizations

Enhance transparency & trust

Optimize operational efficiency

Global compatibility for settlements & remittances

Designed for Global Financial Operations

Coreum has a refined foundational design focused on scalability and security by introducing EGB Networks designed for enterprises of any size.

By tackling the core challenges of contemporary financial models at the network's infrastructure level, Coreum sets a new benchmark for blockchains engineered for enterprise adoption.

ISO 20022 Compliance

Align with the global financial messaging standard for seamless communication across leading banks & FinTechs.


Real-time Settlements

Ensure up to 7,000 transactions per second, all while maintaining confidentiality across the network.


Optional KYC and AML Features

Balance regulatory compliance with the option for anonymity in transactions.


Customizable Transaction Rules

Offer the flexibility to set specific business parameters for each transaction without the need for complex smart contracts.


Interoperability and Cross-Chain Bridges

Facilitate seamless integration with other blockchains and FinTechs.


How do Enterprise-Grade Blockchains play an important role in mass adoption?

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) can disintermediate the digital transfer of financial assets, reducing the role of central counterparties and can also improve trust, accuracy, and resilience in financial ecosystems.

“There's a lack of a Layer-1 blockchain technology able to ease the financial markets' regulatory concerns while providing secure, fast, cost-efficient and scalable transactions.”

Bob Ras
Co-Creator of Coreum

Use Cases

Coreum offers a spectrum of applications for financial enterprises. These range from automating simple transactions with business logic to scaling an organization's payment frameworks.

On-Demand Tokenization

Soulbound Credentials

Supply Chain Management

Banking & Remittances

EGBs Transform Traditional Financial Markets

Enterprise-Grade Blockchains (EGBs) are bringing a new level of efficiency and transparency to traditional financial markets, backed by the increasing global interest in blockchain technology. EGB Networks offer a suite of innovative solutions that address some of the key challenges faced in financial transactions today:

Real-time Document Processing

Speeds up financial transactions by instantly linking and processing documents.

Reduced Counterparty Risk

Tracks bills of lading on blockchain to prevent double spending, enhancing transaction security.

Transparent Factoring

Offers immediate, transparent access to invoices for more reliable short-term financing.

Simplified Trade Finance

Eliminates intermediary banks, reducing costs and streamlining trade finance processes.

Ownership Clarity

Provides clear, immutable records of asset ownership and location, crucial for supply chain and financial stakeholders.

Decentralized Contract Execution

Utilizes smart contracts for efficient updates and monitoring of goods delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

Facilitates efficient monitoring of key documents for AML and compliance purposes.

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