Core Team

Shape the world’s new financial future through digital assets.

Meet Our Exceptional Team Members

At the heart of our mission, the Core Team is a collective of visionary open source developers, each driven by a shared commitment to cultivating a sustainable and economically thriving decentralized ecosystem. Their expertise spans a spectrum of proficiency in software engineering, innovative research and development (R&D), meticulous regulatory compliance, and strategic banking alliances. Together, they embody the pioneering ethos that propels the Coreum journey forward.

Bob Ras


Reza Bashash

Tech Lead & Co-Creator

Keyne Leuyckx

Rust Smart Contract Developer

Yaroslav Savchuk

Golang Developer

Artem Linetskyi

Golang Developer

Milad Zahedi

Golang Developer

Wojciech Małota-Wójcik

Golang Developer

Dzmitry Hil

Golang Developer

Helwan Mande

Network Expansion Supervisor

Jay Hussain

Developer Relations Advocate

Alberto Robles

Tech Manager

Oleksandr Khlopiachyi

Front-end Developer

Juan Camilo Cifuentes

Front-end Developer

Kate Nguyen

Front-end Developer

Kuvshynnikov Mykola

QA Tester

Dai Nguyen

Lead UI/UX Designer

Roberto Valdes

Compliance Manager

Paulina Fierro

Junior UI/UX Designer

Erik A Stoltz

BD & Securities Markets Analyst

Favio Velarde

Head of Growth & Partnership

Michael McCaffrey

Web3 Strategic Business and Network Developer

Zachary Rice

Digital Marketing Specialist

James Shipp

Marketing & Branding Specialist

Nicole Fonseca


Della Dibaj

Head of Operation

Michelle Arjoon

Head of Administration