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Accelerator Program


Breakthroughs in technology are stories of individuals, teams, and partners uniting to turn ambitions into realities. By integrating resources from the Coreum ecosystem, this program aims to bridge the gap between nascent ideas and market-ready products.

This Accelerator Program is more than just a launchpad; it's a nurturing ground for visionary entrepreneurs who aspire to redefine the tech world. Here, innovation isn't just encouraged – it's expected.

Bob Ras
Founder / CEO

Strategically Crafted for Tech Startup Leaders

Phased Approach to Growth

From initial orientation to final Demo Days, the journey is crafted to progressively build capabilities and confidence.


Expert Mentorship

Gain insights from industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs who have walked this path.


Educational Mastery

Access weekly sessions covering everything from market dynamics to blockchain intricacies.


Community and Network

Build relationships within a collaborative ecosystem, fostering both learning and growth.


Key Components

Educational Sessions

A series of workshops and lectures covering key aspects of business and technology.


One-on-one sessions with industry experts.

Networking Events

Opportunities to connect with potential investors, partners, and customers.

Demo Days

A platform for teams to showcase their work to a wide audience (public and internal, and this could serve as a method of updating all internal teams on member progress).

*Demo Days are crucial for startups to gain visibility and attract potential investment and partnerships. The evaluation criteria are designed to assess various aspects of the startup's potential for success.

What We Are Looking For

This program caters startups utilizing blockchain technology or related fields. Every innovative venture and idea will be uniquely assessed based on the following criteria.

Innovation and Creativity

The uniqueness and novelty of the offering.

Market Potential

The scalability and demand for the product in the market.

Business Model

The sustainability of a plan and viability to be executed.

Team Strength

The capability and experience of the founding team.

Technological Edge

The quality and advancement of the technology or product.

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