A New Era of Interoperability

Cross-Chain Routing Across IBC & XRPL.

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Expanding DeFi Capabilities to the XRPL

The bridge allows for two-way asset transfers between both XRPL and Cosmos ecosystems, expanding possibilities for users and developers alike.

Cross-Chain Compatible

Transfer a wide range of assets, enabling various transaction types between the XRPL and the ever-growing IBC ecosystem.


Enhanced Liquidity

Participate in liquidity pools between the XRPL’s native DEX and DeFi protocols built on Coreum.


Smart Contract Functionality

Build and launch cross-chain smart contracts leveraging the two-way bridge between the XRPL and Coreum.


Advanced Tokenization Flows

Projects can tap into programmable tokenization solutions using Smart Tokens on Coreum.


How it Works

The bridge architecture follows a non-custodial model. Relayers will facilitate communication between the two chains by connecting the multi-sig account on the XRPL with the bridge smart contract on Coreum.

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