Participate in the Consensus
Ensure the decentralized, secure, and optimal operation of the network. Stake CORE, run a node, and earn rewards.
Become A Validator
Amount Staked
Locking Period
Estimated Rewards
Current APR
Types of Validators
Public Validators
Open to all network users. Only a minimum amount of CORE tokens for stake is required.
Super Validators
A group of socially trusted validators voted via on-chain governance.
Active Validators
A subset of all validators that rotate on intervals ensuring network incentivization.
In Coreum there will be 16 active validators which consists of 9 public and 7 super validators. A mechanism will be implemented to choose from the pool of public and super validators.
Become a Coreum Validator?
In order for an entity to become a validator, it must run a full node and have a stake of at least 10,000 CORE tokens.
Become A Validator
Delegators can choose a validator and stake their CORE tokens by allocating a commission to the validator. Their voting power will be proportional to the size of the stake.
Running a Node
Run a full-node and participate in the consensus to increase security and the forging of new blocks.
Recommended Hardware Specs
  • 8vCPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB Drive Storage
Run a validator node able. Connect to Coreum's Mainnet & Testnet.
Run Coreum locally in an environment designed to aid development.
For more detailed information on the requirements, refer to the Coreum documentation about
Running a Node in Production.