Financial Messaging Simulator

Process transactions between financial institutions using the global financial messaging standard leading interoperability across high-value payment systems worldwide.

Blockchain Meets Global Finance Standards

Streamlined Global
ISO20022 provides a universal language for financial messaging, ensuring clear, consistent communication across international borders.
Precision and
The XML syntax of ISO20022 enables precise data structure, fostering automation and reducing human error in complex financial transactions.
Rapid and Reliable
By integrating ISO20022 at the protocol level, Coreum offers unmatched speed and reliability in transaction processing, crucial for high-value financial operations.
Smart Contract Functionality
Following the precision and automation offered by this format, Coreum enables the integration of smart contracts into financial messaging, facilitating automated business logic and enhanced transactional capabilities.
The ISO20022 Format:
Transforming Transaction Processing
ISO20022’s XML format allows for detailed data representation, ensuring that every transaction is not only machine-readable but also primed for integration with advanced technologies like smart tokens.
*Coreum's transactional frameworks transcend traditional limits, delivering not only speed and precision but also unparalleled adaptability for the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology applications.
Explore ISO20022 with Coreum
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