Enterprise Grade Blockchain

Modular, Fast, Secure and Interoperable

Ultra FastScalableInteroperableSustainable

Coreum is the first EGB. A new generation of blockchains that is geared towards enterprise needs in compliance with ISO20022. Launch DeFi applications and protocols for businesses of any size.

What's EGB?
Smart Tokens
Token issuance just got a lot more powerful. Tackle the next generation of Blockchain-based assets, supercharged with Smart Contracts.
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The Coreum Ecosystem is Growing
Build on the Fastest Layer-1
With the ability to process 7000 transactions per second with a federated group of 32 rotating validators, Coreum is the fastest blockchain in the world.
up to
Transactions Per Second
Open-Source Developers Incentivization
Scale With No Limits
Using the well-established Tendermint Consensus Engine and Cosmos SDK, Coreum brings a low-latency proof-of-stake blockchain.
More powerful, more efficient than proof-of-work.
Smart Contracts
Applications can be written in many languages and compiled into the modern turing-complete Web Assembly (WASM) before processing.

CosmWasm: A multi-chain solution to build and run contracts on the whole cosmos ecosystem.
Web Assembly
Smart Contract
A Multi-Chain Future
With hundreds of Blockchains currently being used, Coreum deploys a bridge functionality to interoperate with various chains through collateralized wrapping.
BPoS Consensus Mechanism
Coreum is the home of all the open-source developers, token holders, validators, and members supporting the protocol. With on-chain governance, the Coreum community can decide on protocol changes and define the blockchain's future.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Open-Source Developers Incentivization
Built on the Tendermint Core BFT utilizing many of the Cosmos-like modules, Coreum is destined to scale.
Connect to the Coreum Mainnet
Amidst Mainnet launch, these wallets will be supporting Coreum providing access to different decentralized applications and DeFi capabilities.
Join the Coreum Dev Community
Follow the latest updates, participate in Hackathon events, and be loud across the Coreum community channels.