Follow the current progress and future initiatives of Coreum.

March 2024

XRPL - Coreum Bridge

Deployment of a fully functional bridge.

April 2024

Open-Source Token Hub

UI for developers to issue smart tokens.

Developer Playground Update

Direct smart contract querying, testing, and execution with AI co-pilot support.

May 2024

Asset Tokenization Clawback

Smart tokens to support clawback policies as an added feature.

June 2024

Smart Token Extensions

Ability to extend customizable native logic using Smart Contracts.

July 2024

Native DEX Implementation

Order submission, trading engine, synthetic order book.

Q3 2024

Asset Tokenization Gateway

Tokenized securities marketplace with Sologenic.

Q4 2024

Advanced DEX Functions

One-Cancel-Other (OCO) orders, and Trailing-Stop Orders