Exchange Integration Guide (CEX)
A step-by-step manual to integrate and list the Coreum token, including relevant information about the project tokenomics, infrastructure, and transaction types.
As the Coreum network expands, we encourage exchanges to enable the trading of the Coreum native token, allowing users to interact with the new layer-1 blockchain. Here are some of the exchanges already supporting Coreum:
Get Started. Connect Your Wallet.
To interact with Coreum and broadcast transactions you will need a wallet. Simply access the faucet and generate a private key for testing, or use one of the decentralized wallets supporting Coreum.
Connect to the Coreum Mainnet
Amidst Mainnet launch, these wallets will be supporting Coreum providing access to different decentralized applications and DeFi capabilities.
Coreum Tokens are Smart
Explore the new generation of programmable blockchain assets, supercharged with Smart Contracts.
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