Student Ambassador Program

Powering the Next Generation of Blockchain Developers & Researchers.

In today's tech-driven, interconnected world, young minds play a pivotal role in shaping the future. The Coreum Development Foundation is dedicated to empowering students as catalysts for positive change, offering opportunities that lead to real impact within their communities and the blockchain industry.

Why Joining the Coreum Ambassador Program?

The Coreum Student Ambassador Program offers more than leadership; it's a transformative journey, arming you with skills, networks, and experiences for success in a changing world.

Global Network

Join a global network of peers, mentors & experts who share your vision.


Skill Development

Enhance leadership, communication, and project management skills through tailored training.



Receive guidance, support, and wisdom from our experienced team.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Foster creativity, take calculated risks, and develop innovative solutions.


Career Opportunities

Unlock doors to exciting Web3 career opportunities with industry-leading partners.


Diverse Perspectives

Gain new perspectives by interacting with ambassadors from diverse backgrounds.


Seize the Opportunity

In our interconnected world, change is born at the intersection of passion, knowledge, and action. Join a global movement shaping the tech landscape.

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