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Bidds sets out with a compelling mission — to make Coreum one of the most accessible blockchains for NFT creators and collectors. Their goal is to cultivate a platform that is not only transparent and reliable but also exceptionally user-friendly, placing a strong emphasis on enhancing the user experience and fostering robust community interaction. This adaptive nature ensures that Bidds remains at the forefront of NFT innovation, in turn making Coreum an increasingly accessible and user-centric blockchain for the world of digital art and collectibles.

Bidds plans to support advanced Smart Token features. Smart Tokens, a cornerstone of Coreum, allows for enhanced customization and programmability within NFTs. Giving creators the ability to mint digital assets with more complex attributes and behaviors. This could include advanced ownership rights like soulbound tokens, automated royalty distributions, or interactive elements that change based on certain conditions. The marketplace then not only becomes a hub for buying and selling digital art but also a platform for rich, interactive digital experiences.