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Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solutions with Smart Tokens

Coreum Use Cases

Tokenized RWA’s
ISO 20022 Messaging
Soulbound Credentials
Gaming Economies
CBDCs & Stable Coins

Built to Scale

Coreum is an enterprise-grade blockchain designed to meet the critical scalability, security, and interoperability needs of large enterprises.

Featuring intelligent Smart Tokens with built-in business logic, its robust capabilities make it suitable for ventures of any size.

Introducing Smart Tokens

Redefine what's possible with programmable assets infused with WASM-based smart contracts. 

Assign unique properties and functionalities to native tokens right from their inception. Manage ownership, access, and minting in a completely customizable and reliable manner.

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Cross-Chain Transactions with Global Standards

Move smart assets swiftly across multiple chains using the IBC Protocol and Coreum’s native bridge to the XRP Ledger.

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Global Financial Compliance
Coreum was built to be compatible with ISO 20022 messaging from the protocol level. Experiment with cross-border financial messaging in a test environment below.
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Instant Finality

Using a Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS) Consensus Algorithm, Coreum can process up to 7,000 TPS while remaining decentralized through a growing network of validators since Mainnet launch in March 2023.

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Scale Your Business On-Chain Alongside Industry Leaders
From streamlining operations with Smart Tokens to enhancing data integrity while enabling real-time transactions, Coreum empowers you to stay ahead in the digital asset era.
Participate in the Consensus
Join a network of industry-leading institutions and technology innovators by running a node on Coreum.