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Decoding Coreum's ISO 20022 Integration | Explanatory Workshop

In this explanatory workshop, we embark on a journey into the world of ISO 20022 and its significance in modern finance.
What We Cover:
  • Clear and concise explanation of ISO 20022: We delve into what ISO 20022 is, its core functions, and its operational mechanics.
  • Interactive demonstration with our ISO 20022 simulator: Witness firsthand how ISO 20022 messages are exchanged in real-life scenarios using our customized simulator.
  • In-depth exploration of the underlying mechanisms: Uncover the inner workings of ISO 20022 integration with the use of Smart Tokens and Smart Contracts.
  • Smart Contract walkthrough: A brief overview of the Smart Contract code and its pivotal role in facilitating secure and efficient settlement of ISO 20022 transfers.

Prerequisites: To fully engage with this tutorial, we recommend a basic understanding of ISO 20022, as well as familiarity with Smart Contracts and Smart Tokens.

Language: NA