Development Grants
Coreum supports open-source projects that bring value to the community and scalability of the blockchain with 10% of the total token supply designated for development grants.

Wave 3 applications are now close.

The team is reviewing the 150+ applications and will announce the selected projects soon.
Wave 3: Powering Smart Tokens Use Cases
Coreum Smart Token technology allows you to predetermine the behaviour of natively-issued tokens in order to execute specific and contract-like functions independently while operating on the chain’s storage.
Coreum Grant Program
To incentivize the growth of the ecosystem, the Coreum Development Foundation is deploying a grant program to fund and accelerate the construction of a sustainable and community-owned blockchain.

This is a call for all development teams and companies passionate about the protocol and network. Let’s build the future of DeFi, together.
What are the Requirements?
A successful track record with at least 1-2 projects (It is not necessary for them to be live)
Strong development knowledge and experience in the blockchain field
Having an existing community base behind the team is a plus
Meet the Grantees
Zeeve is an enterprise-grade no-code Blockchain Infrastructure Automation platform that enables easy deployment, monitoring, and management of Blockchain nodes and networks.
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D'CENT Wallet is created by IoTrust, a company founded by security experts with over two decades of security know-how and engineering experience in developing deeply embedded security solutions based on secure-chip technology.
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A blockchain technology company bringing a Human Activity Mining Protocol (HAMP) through Smart Token technology.
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OnXRP is bringing a powerful marketplace to Coreum supporting a variety of creative endeavors with smart features such as time-based minting restrictions, a floor sweeping mechanism, and .core domains.
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A streaming platform transforming the way viewers engage with content creators through a decentralized economy.
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